How To Bank Safely with A Mobile Banking App? 


 Technological developments have helped enhance the user experience of different mobile applications. A mobile banking app was started as an additional banking service, but it has gained popularity and became an inevitable financial companion of people. Studies show that more than 30 percent of bank customers are using mobile applications to do their daily banking activities. The increase in cyber crimes requires a safe online banking system to safeguard customers’ sensitive data.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app provides complete security and two-way authentication for customers to access the banking app. The secured transaction system of the consumer banking services sends immediate alerts to the customers on suspicious activities.

How secure are mobile banking applications? 

Mobile banking apps are more convenient and safer than other types of the banking system. All messages and alerts regarding banking transactions, passwords, and OTP are sent only to the registered number. In addition, the user can access the mobile banking account only through the registered mobile number.

Security and safety

A mobile app needs a username and password to log in and get information. Without the Username and Password, you cannot access your bank account. The app is so secure that it does not store any information on the mobile phone or SIM card. Even if your mobile phone is lost, no one can access any information about your bank account.

The customer can immediately report to the bank for any unauthorized transaction.

The safe and secure mobile banking services include

  • OTP Reading
  • Fingerprint
  • Notifications
  • MPIN

AI Intelligence for scam prevention

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app offers enhanced security for the customer data as it uses AI (artificial intelligence) for scam prevention. The customers can check balances and access daily transactions in a secured environment. They will receive immediate notifications from the bank on every transaction. This will help them check and take immediate action on any suspicious activity and intimate the bank through SMS.

Two- way authentical and GPS 

The two-way authentication security for net bank log in eliminates unauthorized accessibility to the bank account. In addition, the bank uses GPS to know the geographical location of the mobile and sends notifications on suspicious location access that does not align with the customer location.

Some safety tips for safe net banking

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app has a sophisticated security system to prevent malicious intrusions to your bank account. The customers must follow the safety instructions of the bank. Some of the safe net banking tips include changing passwords often, checking balance frequently, checking statements once in a month, and knowing where your money goes, do not keep easily recognizable passwords such as birthdays, anniversary dates, pet’s name, and so on. Always use longer passwords that include special characters and a combination of digits and texts.

The above information will help you do safe and secure mobile banking with the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app. If you have not downloaded the app, download the app now for better user experience.

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