Why Should You Consider Your Family’s Medical History While Purchasing Term Insurance Plans?


A family term insurance plan in India is bought to financially safeguard the family member’s future. There is no doubt in the fact that life is uncertain. In such a scenario, a term insurance plan is a must to buy. We look for various factors like premiums, coverage, and many others while buying a particular term insurance policy.

However, it is equally important to look at and focus on the family’s medical history while purchasing the family term plan. Since it is all about protecting the family, it must be considered before buying the term insurance plan in India. In the article, we have compiled all the reasons as to why you must consider your family’s medical history while purchasing the term insurance plans.

Factors Impacting Term Insurance Policy

There is a mortality risk which is considered by the insurance companies while providing the term insurance. It depends on three major factors: life expectancy, heredity, and overall family environment.

  • Family environment matters a lot.
  • Insurance companies consider the average life expectancy of the family. It will include the medical history of some deceased family members as well.
  • Genes are passed from parents to children; hence, heredity is considered an essential factor here. You will also be asked to have a complete medical test before buying the term insurance plan like Instaprotect of Tata AIA Life Insurance Policy Plans or any other policy.

One of the key factors that impact buying term insurance plans is family medical history. If the family members have a medical history of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, kidney-related problems, diabetes, and lung diseases, then it will impact the cost of premium.

In this case, it will cost high monthly premiums because the family will require more coverage. It depends on the probability of the disease in the family in terms of heredity and family environment. The insurance companies might deny or reject term insurance if the likelihood of having an unhealthy medical history is high.

Why is the Premium Cost High in Some Medical Cases?

After your medicals are completed and you purchase a term plan, your premiums may occasionally increase, and you could even be requested to pay an additional payment. It is reasonable to require you to pay this additional premium because of health concerns.

Why is it Essential to Consider Family Medical History While Buying Term Insurance?

People make a general mistake of hiding the family medical history while buying the term insurance plan in India because it is essential to show and can impact the insurance. Insurance companies can help you deal with these medical conditions; hence, it becomes essential to tell them about the same.

Once you have taken the medical test, you can be entitled to opt for the additional riders with the term insurance policy, which will provide the extra coverage and protect you and your family members in uncertain future medical cases.


A medical examination is done to assess the life insurance buyer’s health quotient. The insurance firm further alters the term insurance policy based on the test results. Insurance providers may promote that they provide term policies without medical examinations. A medical exam will, however, undoubtedly be necessary in cases of pre-existing ailments, genetic diseases and family history when purchasing a term insurance plan.

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