Step by step process to sell a product on Amazon


Learning how to sell on Amazon can appear to be a daunting and ambitious task. However, there are simply a few basic steps to selling on the eCommerce site. First, you will need to learn about the product restrictions and seller fees, set up a seller account, and start creating product listings. Following that, you will have to deal with inventory and order fulfillment. Finally, because Amazon is a competitive market, you vshould monitor your store’s performance. You can refer to Guide to Amazon products to learn more.

We all enjoy shopping on Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth. It does, however, provide a platform for its customers to sell a variety of things. Selling things on Amazon is also not difficult. If you have products or wish to sell them on Amazon, you’ll need to follow the basic steps outlined below.

  • The first step in selling things on Amazon is to become an Amazon seller. All you need is your tax information and an active bank account to do so.
  • Now it is time to list your products on Amazon. You can contact millions of potential customers every day by doing so. You can also offer sponsored products on Amazon and target customers relevant to you
  • Amazon will now send you an email when someone orders your product. A notification will also appear in your Seller Central Dashboard. When you select “Fulfillment by Amazon,” Amazon will handle storage, selection, packaging, and shipping, as well as customer service.
  • The final step is to collect payment for your sale. The Amazon seller fees will be deducted from the payment. Every 14 days, the payment will be transferred into your bank account. In your Seller Central account, you can see your deposited cash as well as tips on how to grow and extend your business.

Recognize Amazon’s Product Limitations and Fees

As part of learning how to sell on Amazon, become familiar with the platform’s product limits and costs. Knowing these requirements can aid you in developing a sales plan and deciding which products to market. Some may be profitable and in high demand, but the fees and regulations that come with them can result in additional labor and costs, which is something to keep in mind.

Account and product costs are included in Amazon seller fees. Account fees, often known as seller plans, are available in two subscription levels: $0 per month and $39.99 per month. The typical seller pays 15% of the product’s selling price in product or referral fees, ranging from 6% to 45 percent. You’ll also have to fulfill and ship your orders, which might be expensive depending on your goods and shipping method.

Final thoughts

Individual Seller plans are perfect for low-volume merchants that sell less than 40 goods each month and growing stores still figuring out what to sell. It’s also an excellent option if you don’t plan on advertising or using sophisticated selling techniques.

Meanwhile, if you sell 40+ units per month, use advertising in your selling approach, and want to qualify for top placement on product description pages, a Professional seller plan is recommended. It’s also famous for its use of advanced selling tools that help high-volume vendors, such as APIs and reports.

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