These Riders to Expand your Health Insurance Coverage


Having a health insurance policy is essential for every individual. A lot of people realized the importance of having a health insurance policy during the tough covid times. Unforeseen emergencies can come anytime, anywhere. Being prepared for it must be the best thing to pay for the medical expenses. It’s not a secret that medical expenses are not easy to pay; that is when having a health insurance will come in handy for you. Adding riders to expand your health coverage can be a good idea. To know which are some of the most popular riders, read the whole blog.

A health insurance policy that assures an adequate sum cover to its policyholder is what everybody looks for in a health insurance policy. A basic health insurance policy will be helpful. It is a great policy, but it is not enough. You need added benefits and various rider options to meet all your specific needs. Your basic health insurance will cover all your health-related expenses, but there are certain things that your standard health insurance policy does not cover. Here is when your health insurance riders will come into the picture. If you already are a health insurance policyholder, then you definitely must have heard of the terms “riders” or “add-ons.” Let’s find out what riders are in detail and what they mean.

What is a rider?

In simple terms, a rider is an add-on benefit that you can add to your health insurance policy to expand your coverage at an affordable price. A number of options are available for you to choose from when it comes to choosing a rider. When you choose from all the options of health insurance plans in India for you or your family members, you ensure that you are ready whenever any unforeseen expense comes knocking at your door. A rider does not come with your health insurance; it is an add-on benefit that you can add to your already existing health insurance policy. It is taken to enhance the benefit, or the sum assured to you by your existing health insurance policy.

What are the different types of riders or health insurance add-ons?

Room rent waiver- This rider ensures that you can either opt for a no-sub limit on the hospital room rents or increase the sub-limit provided by your health insurance policy for your hospital room rent.

Maternity cover- All expenses related to your pregnancy and childbirth will be covered in this rider. This rider is one of the most popular ones, so make sure you check this out.

Critical illness cover- Critical illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, cancer are covered in this rider. This type of add-on provides financial coverage for all expenses borne due to these kinds of critical illness.

Personal accident cover- Personal accident cover provides compensation for all kinds of injuries that take place during accidents sustained by an individual, including death and disability.

Zone upgradation- This rider allows you as an insured to provide additional assistance financially, depending on which zone you seek your treatment in.

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